If you pay attention to your body, you may recognize when they show up, a couple of alert signs. Be aware of these signs and start a fitness journey a weight loss/ fitness journey as they show up.  How many people do you personally know with “regular” physic? 

Indeed, many of us don’t pay attention (unfortunately) to our health neither the way we look, as we should. Those who do, obviously stand out of the crowd. In fact, some behavioral characters within them show a stronger mindset. This is also why they are most likely able to handle pressure and stressful situations in a better way than the majority of people. They also tend to be more successful in life in general. 

Let me tell you a little more about human psychology. If we refer to prehistory, people surrounded themselves with stronger men and women. Actually, men hunted to feed the family, and women took care of the child’s. That’s how family survival was ensured.  Today’s world is no different. Indeed, employers are looking for more focused, disciplined, and driven employees to work for them. Women (and vice-versa), the stronger men that can provide for the family (health, wealth, financial security,…).

Reflection of prehistoric men strength, providing food for the family

Today a successful man character.


A study from Antoine Thoreau, CEO of AllSessions shows company productivity increase up to 9.1%, with employees attending training facilities regularly. Furthermore, many doctors have proven that fitness literally saves lives. I’m telling you all this because you will only beneficiate from your commitment to making things happen. 

productivity increase chart

Coming back to the main purpose of this article, there’s two (2) type of signs to alert you.

  1.  The physiological signs.

The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in meters squared. This index helps people evaluate their overall height-weight proportions. It is basically a scale used to determine whether a person is having a good shape or not. Depending on where you fall within the range, you will need to work on your body. The following chart contains four (04) categories. For those falling out of the second one, you will need to either lose weight or built some muscle. You will find more details here if needed.

    • Your articulations are sometimes painful.

Expect some health issues, it simply means you lack exercise. When the body doesn’t get enough physical activities, your joints get weaker. In order to avoid creating more stress on your joints, you need to train your muscles, get them stronger. This is a strong warning to get your steps in, you shouldn’t neglect it. For this one, you may take advice from a physician before starting anything training routine.

    • You easily run out of breath

Productivity requires a massive level of energy. You cannot succeed if you don’t take enough action. Highly engaged fitness individuals also tend to be very energetic in many areas of life. Working on your cardio is crucial in order to increase productivity. Your brain is constantly supplied with Oxygene from your lungs. So as your muscle.  If you want to use your brain and body to its full potential, you need to feed them as well as you can. Fitness Training will eventually allow you to grow your lung size as well. Thus, more oxygen inflow will generate a higher level of productivity.

  1. The phycological signs.
    • You cant concentrate for a long period of time.

You will achieve so much more if you can fully focus on every task you take on. As a matter of fact, these figures such as James Cameron, Quincy Jones, Larry Page… have listed focus among one of the eight crucial common traits in successful people. Individuals that are keeping a regular training routine can easily focus on a task. Furthermore, they can stay away from distractions for a longer period of time. If you can recognize this lack within yourself, you must act upon it and fix it.

    • Creativity isn’t your thing!

Creativity requires freedom in your mind. You will make your life brighter by spicing it up with a new vision. Creativity enhances happiness and allows you to quickly become more efficient. You will no longer have problems but challenges. Accordingly to your new approach, you may quickly find solutions to tackle your issues. Many tests show how relevant fitness is to develop creativity. A study on an art class proves these amazing conclusions. Students were divided into 2 groups. The first one kept a normal routine. The second one joined a training facility and trained four times a week. After three months, the second group got a creativity test result of 76.5% with the first one only got 64.6%. 

    • You are feeling depressive

This criterion is by far the most common, thus important to me. Indeed, it is really a reason to jump into a fitness journey ASAP. For example, in Canada, the government released a study on depression. 5.4% of canadiens from 15 years old suffer from depression. If you’re aware of this system disorder, you’re probably know how damaging it can be. Training will allow you to evacuate your emotions and slowly get control of your life back. From the same studies of doctor Warburton DER and Nicol CW mentioned above, fitness once again saves lives.

Fig.  The relation between changes in physical fitness and changes in mortality over time. Participants were evaluated at baseline (PF1) and again 13 years later (PF2). The ratio of PF2/PF1 × 100 was calculated to evaluate changes in physical fitness over the study period compared with fitness level at baseline. For this figure, participants were grouped according to fitness quartiles (Q1 = least fit, Q4 = most fit) for the baseline evaluation and to quartiles for change in fitness from baseline to 13-year follow-up (Q1 PF2/PF1 = least change, Q4 PF2/PF1 = most change). Adapted, with permission, from Erikssen et al35 (Lancet 1998;352:759-62).

I have personally seen many people improve their lives and become happier, after getting to it. Here a few of them to motivate you. If you made it this far in your reading, you’re probably really want to bring this change in your life. I am really proud of your ambition, make it happen. Stop wasting time, build memories and a story to tell. We can help you get started if you are wondering which training program to choose. Let us guide you through. 

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