Get a good arms size with fitness training! Fitness review


These are the topics we will be covering in this article:

1- Average individual stats

2- How to measure your arms size?

3-Arm muscle composition?

4- How to grow your arms size?

5- The Ultimate bicep training accessory


Let’s get into it 


      1. Average individual stats

I often receive messages from people telling me: I want to Get a good arms size with fitness training! this Fitness review by Phizyfit will show you the answers to these concerns. We will clarify a few points before moving on. A “good” arm size is relative to each person since there are no standards on this subject. However, statistics from Healthline shows that the average male and female lay around these values, by age.

Age                                                Average biceps size in inches

  • 20–29                                                        12.4
  • 30–39                                                        12.9
  • 40–49                                                        12.9
  • 50–59                                                        12.9
  • 60–69                                                        12.7
  • 70–79                                                        12.6
  • 80+                                                            11.4



Age                                              Average biceps size in inches

  • 20–29                                                          13.3
  • 30–39                                                          13.8
  • 40–49                                                          13.9
  • 50–59                                                          13.5
  • 60–69                                                          13.4
  • 70–79                                                           12.9
  • 80+                                                               12.1

I’m guessing this is not really intuitive so this is what you probably look like with these stats mentioned above:

Average male body type In the united-state

Average female body type In the united-state












Now depending on what you’re really looking for, it might be convenient for you or not enough. Remember that it should always be a personal decision when you decided to start a fitness journey. Maybe you just want to just feel better or to become healthier, but never act upon people “bad” criticism in any circumstances. Besides, criticism could be good or bad depending on the intentions behind them. We consider positive criticism more as a piece of advice and you definitely want to think about it before making a decision. For those ready to Get a good arms size with fitness training, hang on, I’ll show you how.


       2. How to measure your arms size?

The technique I’ll talk about is mostly used by the designers when they create custom clothing. It is very simple but you will need a measuring tape and of course a pencil. In case you don’t have one, you could replace it with a ruler and any wire you may find.

Here are the following steps:

  • First, always do your measurements before any type of workout: No push-ups, no weightlifting.
  • Second, measure at the thickest part of your biceps: Wrap a tape measure around both your biceps at their thickest point, near your armpit.
  • Third, hold the measuring tape flat against your skin.
  • Finally, do not flex your biceps while measuring.

When you’re using a wire, just make sure to mark it so you can read your measurements after using a ruler.


Now that you know what is your size, let’s see how fast and efficiently you can grow your arms.


3. Arm muscle composition?

The fastest way to grow your arms is to focus on the bigger muscles in the arm muscular composition.
Let’s look at the arm anatomy first. There’s an easy way to remember the arm muscles by using the following rule:Rule of 3s’ and ‘Busy Bees Try hard’

  • 3 in flexor compartment of arm: biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis
  • 3 in extensor compartment of arm: 3 heads of triceps (long, medial, lateral)

You want to focus on the brachioradialis, the biceps, and mostly on the triceps (biggest arm muscle). These are the muscle that will get you a good size in just a couple of weeks.


     4. How to grow your arms size?

Now that we have covered what could be considered as a good arms size, let’s talk about how to get it. I highly recommend opting for an Extreme mass grain program. Moreover, massive action will be the key to your success. You need to adopt a fitness bulking phase during the first couple of months and then cut the fat. This way, your arms will have a good size and a very high define shape. If you’re just getting started, these tips will help you make the most out of your training sessions. For example, if you want a nice peak on your biceps, flex your muscles after each set during training. A blood flow irrigates your biceps at this moment and enhances their growth.


     5. The Ultimate bicep training accessory

I Believe this section to be the most important of the entire article. Reason why? People experience difficulties when trying to grow their arms a simple reason: they are unable to control the weight lifting motion. You will observe many guys at the gym fighting with heavyweight that they can barely lift. The honest truth, it is reality inefficient. The more stability and control you get over your weights, the more growth you will experience.

That’s the reason why the famous Arm Blaster has revolutionized the fitness industry. In fact, this fitness accessory force you to control your weight lifting motion. Most importantly, you won’t be able to over-lift when you’re using it. Even professionals’ bodybuilders over the world love it because it helps them get better and better. Furthermore, this Arm Blaster is very easy to use and I believe its worth the investment. Finally, your arms (especially the biceps muscles) will grow at the light speed when you have the right tools.

These are the keys to finally get a good size for your arms. With all that said, you now have to take action and become a better version of yourself.

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