Yoga has been one of the nobless fitness practices ever. In fact, it provides so many benefits to practitioners and that’s why millions of people are joining the community each year. It’s time for you to roll your yoga mat and find your inner peace. The beauty of this fitness practice is that you don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits. Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, practicing yoga will calm your mind and strengthen your body. Don’t be intimated by fancy yoga studios or poses. At home, anyone can perfectly start meditating and become a yoga lover. Let’s see how yoga is For Everyone: The Benefits and positions for fitness lovers.


Yoga Benefits for everyone


Apart from being very simple and relax, yoga offers a long list of incredible benefits. Not everyone is interested in joining a fitness training journey but still like to stay fit. Yoga is thus a perfect recommendation as it will increase muscle strength and tone. You’ll learn how to improve your respiration, control your energy level, and maintain your productivity. By stretching during yoga sessions, you will become more flexible and it will lower your risques of injuries in general. 

Athletes practicing yoga tend to perform better in every single discipline as well. Moreover, studies show that yoga is one of the best therapy in weight-loss management. After frequent attendances to yoga classes, many found the key to improving their physical condition and constantly manage their weight. 

Meditation involved in yoga also reduces stress and enhances cerebral activity performances. Sujets are also less exposed to anxiety and depression. 


If you’re just getting started, you will need a yoga mat and of course, and training outfit. It is very important to choose the right yoga mat. You want it to be anti-slip and thick enough to be comfortable. I highly recommend, especially for beginners, to get a yoga mat with printed position lines. You will be more comfortable following the positions we are going to explain.


Best and frequents yoga positions


 These 05 poses constitute a complete yoga beginner workout. If possible, try to get it done first thing in the morning. You should take one to two minutes between each of them. Learn how to breathe and control your thoughts while working. You can check out a few youtube videos on the subject if you’re struggling. The idea is to hold each pose for a few, slow breaths before moving on to the next one.


Child’s Pose

Main function: This pose is true experience the default one. It calms you and allows you to stretch while controlling your breath. You can use the child’s pose to rest and refocus before continuing to your next pose. It relieves pressure from your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles and relaxes your spine, shoulders, and neck.

Do it: When you want to stretch your body and increase your lungs breathing capacity.

Skip it: When you have a severe back problem, knee injury, or are pregnant.

Optional: For more comfort, you can execute the position while resting your head or knees (or both ) on a pillow.

Be mindful: The better you can keep your navel drawn up away from the floor as you hold this pose, the best results you will get.


Cobra Pose

Main function: Strengthen your arms, core, and back muscles. Push yourself in a push-up position. However, hold the position for a short period of time depending on your capacities

Do it: When you want to increase your overall strength and tone your body.

Skip it: When you have a severe back problem or if you’re advance in your pregnancy.

Optional: The ideal position should be to have your arms and body straight. However, you can bend a little to ease the stress applied to your muscles.

Be mindful: Focus on relaxing your muscles and control your breathing.


Tree Pose

Main function: This yoga position will strengthen your core, ankles, calves, and thighs. You will also get to improve your balance and stability. Over-time, try to close your eyes while doing (be aware that it can be dangerous if you’re not in full control of your stability).

Do it: When you want to increase your overall stability and legs strength.

Skip it: When you have knees or back injuries or if you’re advance in your pregnancy.

Optional: Stand close enough to something that you can hold if you feel to much pressure on your legs or back.

Be mindful: Your position should be as straight as possible. Control your breathing. 


Seated Half-Spinal Twist Pose 

Main function: This yoga position will increase your back flexibility and give you a massage feeling. It will also stretch your shoulders, hips, and chest while relieving tension from the middle of your back.

Do it: To increase flexibility and stretch your hips and upper body.

Skip it: In case of a back injury.

Optional: If bending your knees feels uncomfortable, keep them straight out in front of you.

Be mindful: Lift your torso with each inhale, and twist as you exhale.


Corpse Pose

Main function: This one will always be your final position. That’s when you focus on your thoughts and breathing. You must empty your brain and feel every part of your body sinking into your mat (which I hope is comfortable). That’s the ultimate mediation state where you channel all your positive energy. 

Do it: You should always end your yoga session by this pose.

Skip it: Basically never!

Optional: place a pillow under your head or add a blanket on your mat if it feels uncomfortable.

Be mindful: Feel each part of your body as a unique entity, control every sensation on your body.

These are the most common and basic yoga beginners’ positions. As you get more experienced, you’ll be able to tackle more complex poses. Remember to be creative without taking any risk. Finally, note that for a comfortable practice, you want to use the best fitness equipment available in the market, as yoga will become a way of life.


That’s a funny question as we all know that exercising is probably the best way to stay fit and healthy. However, there’s a couple of good habits you can adopt to stay fit. Yes, that’s true, even if you’re not a fitness huge fan. So how to stay fit while sitting on the couch all-day.


Food consumption

  First, you have to monitor for food consumption and quality. You probably heard many times you should have about 2500kcals for an adult right? In fact, this is proportional to your physical activity level. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will accumulate fat. When you consume more calories than you need, your body simply stores the extra to compensate for a potential future lack. Over time, all this accumulation will result in you having a few extra pounds, usually fat.

For someone with a low activity level, you need to eat accordingly. Staying home all day without eating here and there can be tough. When we feel hungry, it usually just the outcomes of our eating habits. Our brain emits a signal to trigger a signal and suddenly, we feel hungry. 

The first step to staying fit is thus to regulate our eating patterns. Discipline will be the key to your success. Learn to control your stomach. It will eventually become a habit after a little while. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a lot of water. You will realize that you weren’t that hungry. 


Eat healthy food and check your aliments quality


Your food quality is also very important to remains fit. Healthy food can be very tasty as well, contrary to people’s beliefs. Just be creative. There’s plenty of free resources out there, just do your homework on the subject. Eat organic food if possible, although it’s usually a little more expensive. At least make sure to have organic eggs and meat. For the rest, check your groceries to select only the best quality.


Consider intermittent fasting

You can also opt for an intermittent fasting eating pattern. It cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them. If you decide to apply this option, you can choose among many patterns. Heard some friends or family members saying they don’t have breakfast in the morning? That’s one intermittent fasting type. You can choose the one corresponding best to yourself.


Heard of Smart Fitness?

There are also fitness accessories that require absolutely no effort from you but will still provide good results. The smart abdominal exerciser remains a classic in this category. This fitness accessory is very simple of use, yet has proven to be very reliable and efficient. You just fit the pads on your stomach, jump on the couch, turn on Netflix, and let it do the job for you. When you get the pack, the smart abdominal exerciser comes with 2 extensions for your arms. Many people used them to work out pretty much every muscle on their body. Turns out you can expect good results. Of course, you won’t look like Arnold but you can expect to stay fit. This fitness accessory is much recommended, especially in our case: how to stay fit while sitting on the couch all-day.


Get a dog!

Like many of us, if you like an animal, you should highly consider getting a dog! Yes! A dog to stay fit! While we know that dogs need a daily walk, this is the perfect occasion to get your steps in and enjoy some fresh air. You’ll get a best friend and he’ll keep you fit.  Furthermore, you should also highly consider getting a smartwatch. Youll be able to monitor your steps and calory burnt, all from your wrist. Coming back to what we said earlier, you’ll then adjust your food intake to match your physical activity. 

Fitness accessories are always recommended as they give you more flexibility to control your overall well being, plus it gets very cool.




             There’s this one question that always stands out whenever we talk about fitness. People do wonder What is the perfect fitness body shape for men. In fact, due to controversial opinions, we cannot get the correct answer to this question but we are going to enlighten a few points about this topic. Fitness and professional bodybuilding used to be mostly about muscle size. However,  we’ve seen a slight change with the apparition of fitness aesthetics

             Aesthetic bodybuilding, of course, is concerned primarily about how good your body looks with muscles. … Aesthetic bodybuilders mostly focus on improving their muscle mass and body fat percentage. How are we deciding what is the perfect fitness body shape for men? Let’s answer this question.

Who is determining society’s beauty standards?


             We cannot judge without taking into consideration a couple of factors such as culture, geolocalizationBeauty standards are constantly evolving over  time. Not only the face traits but also the physical shape. In the early 1900s America, men with very long arms and legs were considered nicely built. Today, we tend to go more for equal physical proportions. 

              Similar observations apply when we look at a different region. In Africa for example, chubby men were wealthy and thus stood out with remarkable body shape. Today, people realize why fitness activity is vital and have a different opinion on nice body shape. 

              Women and men also have a different opinion on the subject. Indeed, men want to be stronger as possible, meaning more muscular. Women have a different vision as something to much muscle could be scary. 

              It seems that we cannot get the right answer to this question but let’s consider a few aspects.

What natural criteria are we looking at, to define the perfect body shape?


            First, we are considering body part proportions and symmetry. It refers to your body parts size taking into account your height and age. There’s a great tool called The Human Proportion calculator allowing us to determine what should be a perfect body ratio. It uses statistics and biology to calculate a couple of variables and tell us what value we should get.

           As we can see, these are the first steps to choose the perfect body shape. You need a specific length of arms, the width of shoulders…. All, of course, depending on your height. Stats have proven that men having these criteria tend to be more attractive in general.


              The second point is now to look at a specific height since we know that being proportional isn’t enough to answer our question. An adult measuring lets say 4ft (a dwarf) in our society wouldn’t fit the perfect body criteria, even with a perfectly proportional body. After studies conducted among thousands of men and women by Way too social, they came up with a range of men height consider as golden.

               From these studies, it seems that women are most attracted to these men because of their height range. Other men also admitted wishing to be in the same range as well. 

                Therefore, we know that body proportions and height are mandatory to have a perfect body shape. However, muscle mass is also a key factor to answer our question.

What is the right muscle mass for the perfect body?


                 Muscle mass is usually acquired with some type of fitness training. According to the majority, being on the verge on both sides in terms of muscularity is harmful to have a nice body. People admire bodybuilders for their hard work, strength, determination, and body art. At the same time, they’re admitted preferring a more “natural” body, as bodybuilders are sometimes scary. A great survey among millennials girls revealed that people choose an intermediate level of muscle mass to be the most attractive. In other words, you might want to have a body fat percentage between 15% and 10%. Anything out of this range is either “too much” or “not enough”. 

Body type C and D were the most chosen with this social experiment. C is a 10% body fat and 15%.

How to get and maintain a good body fat percentage.?


               Well, it depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re sitting currently at let’s say 25% body fat, it’s obvious you won’t have to put in the same effort as someone whos at 20%. In both cases, you will need to build some muscle and lose fat. A great way to do that is to opt for strength training. While building muscle, you will naturally burn your fat and become leaner. If you’re overweight, it will require a little more work but believe me, you can do it. I’ll highly suggest you, use an Extreme weight loss program. It really worked for thousands of people and it will save you a lot of time. There’s also a lot of free tips on how you can efficiently burn fat, use all your resources. 

               When you finally get to your goal, you need to maintain it. Maintaining is sometimes tricky as when you keep on training, you will become better. It means that you can end up falling under the 10% body fat percentage and become too ripped. If you’re looking to be more attractive, it can be harmful to your success. You must learn to understand your body. The bad news is there’s no secret on that, it’s different for each of us. However, I can give you the following tips:

  • Don’t increase your weight training intensity. Truth is, growth always follows up more effort. When your body gets used to your training routine, you will only observe slight changes.  That’s why we recommend beginners to change the training routine at least every 3 months so the body doesn’t get used to it. On the other side, if you’re looking to maintain your body, just keep the same training. You won’t experience losses or growth either.


  • Have a max of 3 training sessions per week. When with the same routine, you will grow if you train too much. Studies show that 3 training sessions weekly will easily allow you to maintain your shape.


  • Stay focus on your diet. You don’t want to get fat either and dieting is very important. You must stay in control at all times.


  • Use a scale every 2 weeks. This one is my favorite. You get really data on your evolution over time. It’s natural to gain (-/+) 2 pounds but anything more should catch your attention.


               Fitness training gives you a chance to work on your body and become more attractive. You will need dedication and motivation to get to your goals. Remember there’s a price for everything meaningful in your life. We all that said, I wish you the best of luck.

Get a good arms size with fitness training! Fitness review


These are the topics we will be covering in this article:

1- Average individual stats

2- How to measure your arms size?

3-Arm muscle composition?

4- How to grow your arms size?

5- The Ultimate bicep training accessory


Let’s get into it 


      1. Average individual stats

I often receive messages from people telling me: I want to Get a good arms size with fitness training! this Fitness review by Phizyfit will show you the answers to these concerns. We will clarify a few points before moving on. A “good” arm size is relative to each person since there are no standards on this subject. However, statistics from Healthline shows that the average male and female lay around these values, by age.

Age                                                Average biceps size in inches

  • 20–29                                                        12.4
  • 30–39                                                        12.9
  • 40–49                                                        12.9
  • 50–59                                                        12.9
  • 60–69                                                        12.7
  • 70–79                                                        12.6
  • 80+                                                            11.4



Age                                              Average biceps size in inches

  • 20–29                                                          13.3
  • 30–39                                                          13.8
  • 40–49                                                          13.9
  • 50–59                                                          13.5
  • 60–69                                                          13.4
  • 70–79                                                           12.9
  • 80+                                                               12.1

I’m guessing this is not really intuitive so this is what you probably look like with these stats mentioned above:

Average male body type In the united-state

Average female body type In the united-state












Now depending on what you’re really looking for, it might be convenient for you or not enough. Remember that it should always be a personal decision when you decided to start a fitness journey. Maybe you just want to just feel better or to become healthier, but never act upon people “bad” criticism in any circumstances. Besides, criticism could be good or bad depending on the intentions behind them. We consider positive criticism more as a piece of advice and you definitely want to think about it before making a decision. For those ready to Get a good arms size with fitness training, hang on, I’ll show you how.


       2. How to measure your arms size?

The technique I’ll talk about is mostly used by the designers when they create custom clothing. It is very simple but you will need a measuring tape and of course a pencil. In case you don’t have one, you could replace it with a ruler and any wire you may find.

Here are the following steps:

  • First, always do your measurements before any type of workout: No push-ups, no weightlifting.
  • Second, measure at the thickest part of your biceps: Wrap a tape measure around both your biceps at their thickest point, near your armpit.
  • Third, hold the measuring tape flat against your skin.
  • Finally, do not flex your biceps while measuring.

When you’re using a wire, just make sure to mark it so you can read your measurements after using a ruler.


Now that you know what is your size, let’s see how fast and efficiently you can grow your arms.


3. Arm muscle composition?

The fastest way to grow your arms is to focus on the bigger muscles in the arm muscular composition.
Let’s look at the arm anatomy first. There’s an easy way to remember the arm muscles by using the following rule:Rule of 3s’ and ‘Busy Bees Try hard’

  • 3 in flexor compartment of arm: biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis
  • 3 in extensor compartment of arm: 3 heads of triceps (long, medial, lateral)

You want to focus on the brachioradialis, the biceps, and mostly on the triceps (biggest arm muscle). These are the muscle that will get you a good size in just a couple of weeks.


     4. How to grow your arms size?

Now that we have covered what could be considered as a good arms size, let’s talk about how to get it. I highly recommend opting for an Extreme mass grain program. Moreover, massive action will be the key to your success. You need to adopt a fitness bulking phase during the first couple of months and then cut the fat. This way, your arms will have a good size and a very high define shape. If you’re just getting started, these tips will help you make the most out of your training sessions. For example, if you want a nice peak on your biceps, flex your muscles after each set during training. A blood flow irrigates your biceps at this moment and enhances their growth.


     5. The Ultimate bicep training accessory

I Believe this section to be the most important of the entire article. Reason why? People experience difficulties when trying to grow their arms a simple reason: they are unable to control the weight lifting motion. You will observe many guys at the gym fighting with heavyweight that they can barely lift. The honest truth, it is reality inefficient. The more stability and control you get over your weights, the more growth you will experience.

That’s the reason why the famous Arm Blaster has revolutionized the fitness industry. In fact, this fitness accessory force you to control your weight lifting motion. Most importantly, you won’t be able to over-lift when you’re using it. Even professionals’ bodybuilders over the world love it because it helps them get better and better. Furthermore, this Arm Blaster is very easy to use and I believe its worth the investment. Finally, your arms (especially the biceps muscles) will grow at the light speed when you have the right tools.

These are the keys to finally get a good size for your arms. With all that said, you now have to take action and become a better version of yourself.