That’s a funny question as we all know that exercising is probably the best way to stay fit and healthy. However, there’s a couple of good habits you can adopt to stay fit. Yes, that’s true, even if you’re not a fitness huge fan. So how to stay fit while sitting on the couch all-day.


Food consumption

  First, you have to monitor for food consumption and quality. You probably heard many times you should have about 2500kcals for an adult right? In fact, this is proportional to your physical activity level. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will accumulate fat. When you consume more calories than you need, your body simply stores the extra to compensate for a potential future lack. Over time, all this accumulation will result in you having a few extra pounds, usually fat.

For someone with a low activity level, you need to eat accordingly. Staying home all day without eating here and there can be tough. When we feel hungry, it usually just the outcomes of our eating habits. Our brain emits a signal to trigger a signal and suddenly, we feel hungry. 

The first step to staying fit is thus to regulate our eating patterns. Discipline will be the key to your success. Learn to control your stomach. It will eventually become a habit after a little while. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a lot of water. You will realize that you weren’t that hungry. 


Eat healthy food and check your aliments quality


Your food quality is also very important to remains fit. Healthy food can be very tasty as well, contrary to people’s beliefs. Just be creative. There’s plenty of free resources out there, just do your homework on the subject. Eat organic food if possible, although it’s usually a little more expensive. At least make sure to have organic eggs and meat. For the rest, check your groceries to select only the best quality.


Consider intermittent fasting

You can also opt for an intermittent fasting eating pattern. It cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them. If you decide to apply this option, you can choose among many patterns. Heard some friends or family members saying they don’t have breakfast in the morning? That’s one intermittent fasting type. You can choose the one corresponding best to yourself.


Heard of Smart Fitness?

There are also fitness accessories that require absolutely no effort from you but will still provide good results. The smart abdominal exerciser remains a classic in this category. This fitness accessory is very simple of use, yet has proven to be very reliable and efficient. You just fit the pads on your stomach, jump on the couch, turn on Netflix, and let it do the job for you. When you get the pack, the smart abdominal exerciser comes with 2 extensions for your arms. Many people used them to work out pretty much every muscle on their body. Turns out you can expect good results. Of course, you won’t look like Arnold but you can expect to stay fit. This fitness accessory is much recommended, especially in our case: how to stay fit while sitting on the couch all-day.


Get a dog!

Like many of us, if you like an animal, you should highly consider getting a dog! Yes! A dog to stay fit! While we know that dogs need a daily walk, this is the perfect occasion to get your steps in and enjoy some fresh air. You’ll get a best friend and he’ll keep you fit.  Furthermore, you should also highly consider getting a smartwatch. Youll be able to monitor your steps and calory burnt, all from your wrist. Coming back to what we said earlier, you’ll then adjust your food intake to match your physical activity. 

Fitness accessories are always recommended as they give you more flexibility to control your overall well being, plus it gets very cool.