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To obtain the best results in your fitness venture, you must first be mentally ready to do whatever it takes to obtain success. To do so, here you can find 10 training tips for beginners that I have found useful to me.

1- Measure your weight monthly.

Use a scale to measure your weight and write it down. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, you need to keep track of your progress so you can make some adjustments if needed.


2- Get a nice workout outfit and good quality fitness accessories.

This is a mental strategy, the better you feel about yourself, the harder you will push. As a result, he stronger you will get, simple as that. When you dress nicely, it mentally enhances your good mood and thus give you more motivation and energy. Phizyfit offers fitness clothing from the best designers, thus you may find what you’re looking for in our shop.
Also, make sure to get the proper fitness accessories especially if you just started a weight-training program. Indeed, you may not yet be aware of how to safely execute your training exercises. The last thing you want is getting hurt, it’s definitely not worth the trouble.  I recommend using a belt, wraps for your elbows and knees, and gloves depending on your hands’ sensibility. Make sure to use professional fitness equipment.

3- Find a gym partner.

It is always better to start your venture with a partner as motivated as you are and this is more relevant the first couple of months. when you’re feeling down, this person will motivate you and vice-versa.


4- Prepare yourself.

I remember feeling so weird walking into the gym for the first time, not knowing where to start nor how to use the equipment. It is always better to be a little prepared, but don’t worry too much about it, you won’t take long to become comfortable if you stay motivated and keep learning.


5- Stick to your program for at least 3 months to see results.

I see a lot of people highly motivated, quitting after one month. Get it straight, great achievement needs time no matter how good you plan in advance. You’re just like a plane taking off, who needs a huge amount of energy. Once this phase is complete, you will become comfortable.


6- Stretch.

To remain safe, it’s really important taking 10-15 minutes to stretch and relax your muscles. I will later post a stretching routine so you guys can see what to do to best warm your muscles before the workout.

7- Do not train for more than 1h30 min.

Some people will brag by saying: “I was working out for 3 hours”. Well, the motivation is great but this is pointless. Some research shows that after a certain time, the muscle gets tired and every effort after is useless. For beginners, high-intensity training for 45min is enough but experience athletes can push to 1h30min.

8- Break down your training into different body parts.

Experienced people can use different training Technics but for intermediates and beginners, it is always recommended to break down your training routine so your body can rest in between.

9- Do not Over-train.

You should train between three days to five days a week and no more. When workout sessions are very close, the body doesn’t get enough resting time. Indeed, you could over-train, which will result in muscle fatigue, incapacity to progress, and often, a muscle loss.

10- Be positive, you’re almost there.

If you follow all the tips and advice mentioned, it is just a matter of time before you get abundantly rewarded!
These training tips for beginners are the ones that made a difference for me personally. If you want to add some more, do not hesitate to leave a comment.
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