Quick Fitness review about clean bulking
Hi guys, today, I am writing a quick Fitness review about clean bulking.
Many of you guys reach out to me wondering how long it takes to put on about 10lbs of muscle.
Well, I have some good news for you guys. That’s something you can do in about 3 months if you’re well prepared and consistent in your training. To succeed, you must understand the process of muscle growth so that you can significantly take advantage of your metabolism. For now, just make sure you train, eat, and sleep enough to maximize your results.
For a beginner, you shouldn’t go over 3-4 training sessions a week.  You must give enough time at your muscles to rest. The best way for you to get this knowledge on training is to follow a precise program until you get comfortable, so you can check our Extreme Muscle increase.   
Make sure you get a full night of sleep and here we’re talking about 7-9 hours of sleep depending on your personal needs.
Finally, what’s on your plate plays a huge role in the process of gaining muscle. Avoid eating too much sugar, oil, fat… replace it with healthy food. indeed, I will post an article on the best way to diet for that matter. Most of the people coming to me complain about not seeing results after a month. There’s two way to explain that. You either don’t know what you’re doing which is fine because if you’re here, you want to learn and get better (congrats to you). It could also be that you’re not consistent and need to give it more time. Remember life isn’t a race but a marathon. If you keeping working, I guarantee you will be well rewarded.
10 lbs of lean muscle is a huge accomplishment and you will significantly increase your shape. Many of us did it before, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to fail if you follow great advice. If you have a question or comment about our Fitness review on clean bulking, leave us a message in the comment box.
Together, let’s make it happen.